Typical steps for Switchboard design

1.1. Switchboard characteristics

  1. Check the protection index required in the project production file.
  2. Check that the corrosion resistance required in the project production file is taken in account.
  3. Check the form partitioning level.
  4. Check the organization of spares.
  5. Make sure that separate equipment delivery is defined

1.2. Cubicle characteristics

  1. Check that the dimensions, number and layout of cubicles are in accordance with the layout and the civil engineering works specified in the project production file.
  2. Check that the incoming cable cut-outs comply with the incoming cables’ characteristics (section number, position).

1.3. Busbar characteristics

  1. Check the environmental installation (temperature, humidity) specifcation required in the project production file.
  2. Check that the horizontal and vertical busbar cross-sections are in accordance with the short-circuit and/or peak current.
  3. Check that busbars are in conformity with the corrosion resistance required in the project production file.
  4. Make sure that the type of busbar coating is defined.

1.4. Device and drawer characteristics

  1. Make sure that device characteristics defned comply with the project production file and derating tables.
  2. Make sure that the jaw characteristics comply with the corrosion resistance.
  3. Check that the mismatch coding is defned.

1.5. Wiring characteristics

  1. Validate the single-line diagram.
  2.  Check that BUS architecture rules are complied with (cf. wiring guide)

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