Smart Contactless

Facial Recognition and Temperature Measuring Integrated Terminal

Measure >>> Match >>> Pass >>> Enter

Smart Access Control system suitable for any commercial, business and residential buildings


Automatic temperature sensing and facial recognition

Fast Speed

Body Temperature 0.3 sec / person
Facial Recognition 0.5 sec / person

Sensing Temperature

30⁰C to 45⁰C, ±5⁰C at 50cm

Central Processing Unit

Quad-core CPU, 1GB DDR3 system with memory 16GB eMCC storage

Operating Mode

Support offline and network dual mode, or cloud management / server access management

Facial Recognition and Temperature Measuring Integrated Terminal

Biometric Access Control System with face camera and non-contact infrared temperature sensor, integrated with AI for fast (<500ms) and efficient LIVE facial recognition and body temperature measurement.

The system supports twenty thousand face comparison library, high temperature alarm setting for real time warning, authentication  to open the electro-magnetic door lock, automated time attendance record and body temperature record…

These access control system are widely used in office areas, hotels, schools, community halls, factories, project sites..


Display 8 Inch IPS LCD 768x1024 pixels
OS Android
Camera RGB and Infrared, 2 mega (1920x1080) pixels
Storage EMCC/Flash 16G
Face Capacity 20,000 users
Event Capacity 100,000 log records
Feature Dynamic Facial Recognition, Contactless Body Temperature Measurement, Access Control
Facial Recognition Recognition time <0.5s against local database, Distance 0.5 – 2 meters
Body Temperature Range 30-45 oC, Response Time <0.3s, Accuracy ±0.5oC at 0.5 meter
Input/Output Interface 1 RJ45, 1 RS232, 1 magnetic lock connection, 1 relay output contact, Speaker 8Ω, USB2.0
Operating Mode Support offline and Network mode
Communication Ethernet (10/100M), Wifi 2.4/5 GHz, Mobile 4G
Power DC 12V 3A 20W (max)
Easy Installation Wall mount (default), Pole mount (table)
Option: Table Mount Bracket, Gate Mount bracket