ABB CRS113 RCD Switched Socket Outlet 1 Gang

ABB 2 Gang CRS212A 10mA Residual Current Device Switched Socket Outlet PVC

Product features
– Switched socket outlet with extra safety against electric shocks
– Instant disconnection when there is current leakage
– Built-in test button
– Ease of replacement of existing socket outlets
– Ease of use with neon and trip indication Safety features
– Built-in test button
– Continuous protection
– Loss of earth cable connection
– Residual current detection (between 5mA to 10mA) and 0.2s trip speed
– Reversal polarity protection

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ABB 2 Gang CRS113 30mA Residual Current Device Switched Socket Outlet PVC

CRS113 RCD switched socket outlet is a 13A switched socket outlet with integrated 30mA residual current device. The passive tripping mechanisms provide additional protection against electric shock. Suitable for residential, commercial, industrial, hospital and cafe etc


Standard: BS 7288
Operating Voltage: 230V +15%-10% -50Hz
Load Current: 13A resistive
Trip Speed: Not more than 40ms at 5 times rated tripping current RCD Trip Current: 30mA
Circuit Fault Breaking Capacity: 1500A
Earth Fault Breaking Capacity: 250A